Chapter 1 ........ General Provisions

Article I Code
Article II Definitions and Usage
Article III General
Article IV General Penalty
Article V Inspections
Article VI Seal
Article VII Disposition of Abandoned Property

Chapter 2 ........ Administration

Article I Elections
Article II Mayor and Board of Trustees
Article III Officers and Employees
Article IV Municipal Court
Article V Public Records
Article VI Planning and Zoning Commission
Article VII Upper Blue River Regional Planning Commission

Chapter 3 ........ Reserved

Chapter 4 ........ Revenue and Finance

Article I Fiscal Year
Article II General and Special Funds

Chapter 5 ........ Reserved

Chapter 6 ........ Business Licenses and Regulations

Chapter 7 ........ Health, Sanitation and Animals

Article I Administration and Abatement of Nuisances
Article II Nuisances
Article III Garbage and Refuse
Article IV Weeds and Brush
Article V Trees
Division 1 .. General Provisions
Division 2 .. Forest Management
Article VI Animal Regulations
Division 1 .. Animal Control and Licensing
Division 2 .. Wildlife Protection
Article VII Open Burning

Chapter 8 ........ Vehicles and Traffic

Article I Model Traffic Code
Article II Parking Regulations

Chapter 9 ........ Reserved

Chapter 10 ........ General Offenses

Article I General Provisions
Article II Government and Public Officers
Article III Streets and Public Places
Article IV Public, Private and Personal Property
Article V Public Peace, Order and Decency
Article VI Minors
Article VII Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs
Article VIII Weapons
Article IX Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 11 ........ Streets, Sidewalks and Public Property

Article I Streets and Sidewalks
Article II Excavations
Article III Goose Pasture Tarn

Chapter 12 ........ Reserved

Chapter 13 ........ Reserved

Chapter 14 ........ Reserved

Chapter 15 ........ Annexation

Article I Annexation Procedures

Chapter 16 ........ Zoning

Article I General Provisions
Article II Zoning Procedures
Article III Zoning Districts and Maps
Article IV Transition District
Article V R-1 District
Article VI PRD District
Article VII UOP District
Article VIII Accessory Apartments
Article IX Fences
Article X Vested Property Rights
Article XI Variances
Article XII Berm Regulations and Design Standards
Appx 16-A Summit County Required Plant Materials List

Chapter 17 ........ Subdivisions

Article I General Provisions

Chapter 18 ........ Building Regulations

Article I General Provisions
Article II Residential Code
Article III Electrical Code
Article IV Dangerous Buildings Code
Article V Fire Code


Code Comparison Table T-1
Disposition of Ordinances Table T-11
Table of Up-to-Date Pages T-101